Local guides

Guided by the will of valorize the land of Lecco from many points of view, Teka Edizioni realized a series of hands-on folding guides, dedicated to the tourists that are staying in Lecco for a few hours or days and who wants to move autonomously.

In pocket size, the Smart Guides has the following main features:

• every guide develops a thematic itinerary and declares the estimated time of travel, and the better public transport (on foot, by bike, by bus, by ferry or by train)
• every guide has been realized in english too
• the tourist is guided in a step-by-step itinerary. Every hub is introduced by a picture and a text that highlights the main distinguishing marks
• at every stop there are informations linked to the most interesting places: from tourist offices to museums, from bars to pubs, with opening hours and contacts
• at the end of every stop there are indications to reach to next, both in terms of time either for public transportations
• at the end, the traveler finds a map to get oriented in the itinerary, the basic informations to move and the ones about the bike sharing or ferry's websites, the railways and the bus.

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