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Lecco city of Manzoni. Although many people will say "not only", it's still high the pride of being able to share our citizenship with the author of the novel that is considered one of the masterpieces of Italian literature. Whenever you have the opportunity to read it, you can't be surprised and admired by the skill used to describe characters, feelings and events. They certainly testify the appreciation of the innumerable ways in which "The Betrothed" were proposed in time: operas, musicals, movies, television dramas, skits, cartoons, illustrations and paintings. Teka Edizioni has joined those who paid tribute to this great novel, presenting his work revisited by two great masters of comic, with the honest intention of making it more and more known and appreciated. Still today, in fact, it reveals us all lessons to be treasured for life. "Common sense was there; but it stayed hidden for fear of common sense." (chapter XXXII)

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