• Promessi sposi a fumetti in inglese

    Lecco city of Manzoni. Although many people will say "not only", it's still high the pride of being able to share our citizenship with the author of the novel that is considered one of the masterpieces of Italian literature. Whenever you have the opportunity to read it, you can't be surprised and admired by the skill used to describe characters, feelings...

  • La leggenda della Grigna in inglese

    The fantastic story of two children who find, in an old chest that dates back to the Lombards, a legend whose protagonists are our mountains. It tells of a distant past, inhabited by knights in love and cruel warriors: a story within a story. This book is dedicated to those who love the mountains and knows how to look at them with the eyes of the imagination.

  • Libri tascabili in inglese

    The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. Molly Malone, the fishmonger in Dublin. The Phantom of the Opera in Paris. King Arthur and the knights of the round table in Cornwall. The Greek myths, the Roman divinities and the Scandinavian gods.
    Every land has its tales to be told, legends and mysteries that contribute to increase its...

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